Panorama believes that investment

    success in the modern private equity

    market requires a differentiated approach


    Panorama was founded with the mission of returning to the roots of what made private equity successful


    Panorama builds on its long-standing family office, family and founder led business relationships, cultivating a Keiretsu-style interconnected network of partners who share proprietary opportunities, interact with our investors with an uncommonly high level of collaboration, share exceptional co-investments, and operate with long-term business building thinking

  • About Panorama

    Panorama targets promising companies with attractive growth characteristics and talented leadership, then we invest equity for growth and hands-on business and organizational development services


    Panorama Point Partners is a private equity firm based in Omaha, NE.


    We operate on a Keiretsu-style model, tapping into a network built on nearly 30 years of truly unique relationships including leading family offices, businesses, foundations, and entrepreneurs worldwide.


    Panorama was founded on a generation of investment experience by Stephen J. George, who was previously Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Capricorn Investment Group, a $5 B private investment firm and Clarey L. Castner, the former CEO of the University of Nebraska Foundation.


    Our founding investment partners include:

    • Pierce Street Capital, the investment office of the Larsen Family (founders of Milliard Refrigerated Services, one of America’s largest refrigerated logistics companies)
    • Dr. Christoph Henkel, whose family founded Henkel AG (German DAX-30 company, $50 Billion value)
    • Foundation founded by the Michelin Family 

    Our Approach

    Panorama was founded with the mission of returning to the roots of what made private equity successful.


    By focusing on the small capitalization end of the market, our investments are negotiated (non-auction) and lower entry valuations (<6x EBITDA).


    Panorama's typical investment candidate has an enterprise value of less than $100 million and profits ranging $2-$15 million, framed by large addressable markets and talented managers. Depending on the situation, we invest minority or shared-control opportunities.


    We engage actively to help them achieve their growth plans, via organic and M&A driven strategies.

    Iconoclastic Location & Global Network

    Our Omaha base empowers privileged relationships with family businesses and offices and our global investor base helps us source under the radar business gems.


    We are backed by some of the world's top family groups, who have created market leading businesses over generations.


    Our culture and approach to invest in and work with our companies - as a flexible, long-term business-building partner - differentiate us from the pack.