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  • We invest in under the radar small capitalization companies with promising growth opportunities

    Panorama's proprietary sourcing network, experienced underwriting, structuring and impactful post-close management services are critical to our partnership's success

    Family and Founder Led Businesses

    Investment Opportunity

    There's significant opportunity emanating from current historic generational changes and wealth transfer, particularly in America and select European countries.


    In America alone, there are over 20 million privately owned businesses, many of them carry enterprise valuations under $100 million and are in need of capital and business services to enhance growth.


    Our objective is to be the equity partner of choice for family and founder led businesses looking for a true business partner.


    Sourcing & Value Creation

    Panorama leverages our nearly 30 year collaborative relationships with family offices, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors that go beyond traditional sourcing channels – as a strong competitive edge in the market.


    Panorama's "Four Critical Tracks" (our post-close value creation model) draws upon our team and network’s operating expertise to help drive results - active board positions, strategic planning, finance, operations, sales and marketing, capital allocation, risk management and compliance, M&A, and organizational design.




  • Our Core Values

    • Steadfast partners – be true partners with our capital partners

    • Uncompromising integrity – demand a culture that is forthright and intellectually honest

    • Disciplined and detailed – in our execution, relentlessly drive through the details

    • Unselfish dedication – show unwavering commitment to individual and team performance

    • Dynamic and adaptive investors – practice smart flexibility in our investment activities

    • Unconventional and brave thinking – think and act in entrepreneurial ways to achieve improved outcomes

    • Resolute focus on building sustainable value – always keep the long-term mission top of mind

  • Panorama Team

    A Keiretsu-style private equity firm that works collaboratively with its capital partners to invest in proprietary opportunities

    Stephen J. George

    Founder, Managing Partner

    Chair, Investment Committee

    Co-Founder Capricorn

    VP, Goldman Sachs

    Cornell University Honors, CFA

    Clarey Castner

    Relationship Management

    CEO, University of Nebraska Endowment

    Mark Stafford
    Managing Director*
    Member, Investment Committee*
    Founder, MS Capital
    Principal, BNY
    University of Chicago MBA

    *Consultant to Panorama

    Robert Adams
    Member, Investment Committee
    Northern Trust
    Michigan State University

    Alex Lam

    Bridgepoint Holding


    Brian Radermacher
    Chief Financial Officer*
    CFO Systems
    University of Nevada


    Angie Miller
    Office Manager
    Doane University
    Priority Data

  • Connect with Panorama

    Please contact us at one of our offices below or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

    Stephen J. George

    Founder and Managing Partner




    Panorama Point Partners, LLC

    13030 Pierce Street, Suite 300

    Omaha, NE 68144

    Data Room

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