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Going Over Data



All of our investments are proprietarily sourced and non-auction

  • Technology centric growth stage businesses in need of capital and active co-building business partner

  • >20 million privately held companies in America

  • Target 2-3 companies per year and 10-14 in each Partnership

  • Panorama as transformative capital & business development partner

  • Drive organic and M&A growth

  • Seeking creative businesses addressing some of the world’s largest markets and problems

  • Valuation multiple increase

Overall Strategy


American focused small and mid-cap growth companies

  • Target 2-3x MOIC

  • $3-15M profit

  • <$100M EV

  • Attractive 4-6x buy-in

  • Limited/no leverage

  • Strong growth potential

  • Meta and industry themes driving growth

  • Companies that create products that can scale growth, with positive impacts on the planet, people, and productivity

  • Entrepreneurial, growth-centric leaders

  • ​Transformative capital and growth partner

  • Exit at higher multiple (>8x)

  • Buy-and-builds, tuck-In M&A

  • Co-build platform companies

  • Potential long-term dividend and growth platforms

Core Portfolio


Innovation-driven businesses

  • <25% of capital

  • Target 3-5x MOIC

  • $20-300M EV

  • Accelerating revenues, potentially not yet profitable

  • Special investment situations, deeply relationship driven

  • Flexible and opportunistic

  • ​America, DACH region, UK, Scandinavia

Special Opportunities
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