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Forge Announces Investment from BNP Paribas and Launches Industry-First Investment Product

BNP Paribas, a leading European provider of banking and financial services, announces an equity investment in Forge Global, Inc., the leading marketplace for pre-IPO securities, in addition to a strategic product collaboration. The collaboration will involve the development and distribution of investment products providing exposure to Pre-IPO / private innovation companies. Angel Rodriguez-Issa, Global Head of Strategic Investments at BNP Paribas Global Markets, joins Forge’s board as an observer.

In response to increasing global customer demand for investment opportunities and economic exposure to shares of Pre-IPO / private innovation companies, BNP Paribas’ world-renowned derivatives group has collaborated with Forge to create a structured equity product that is the first of its kind in this asset class. Leveraging Forge’s technology, data and global relationships across “unicorn” firms, the product will be linked to a diversified basket of private shares. The selection process for the securities held in the aforementioned investment product is based on similar criteria used by venture capitalists.

“This relationship represents a sea change not just for global investors but for high-growth companies seeking liquidity,” said Kelly Rodriques, CEO of Forge. “With BNP Paribas, and through the Forge platform, we’re bringing cutting edge financial products to market that provide investors unprecedented access to pre-IPO securities while presenting new options for private companies to raise money and control their financial future.”

With over 300 unicorns in the world, representing over $1 trillion in enterprise value, many investors – including institutional and high net worth clients of global banks – are looking for access to these private innovation companies.


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